Designing Search Engine Friendly Websites

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The internet is full of websites, but there are only a few which succeed in getting Search Engine Recognition. These websites are not just successful because of the way they look or function. They are successful because they are designed with their most loyal customers in mind –Search Engines

Search Engine Friendly websites often appear on page 1 and 2 of the search engine results (SERPS) by achieving this recognition they are easily found by many potential customers each year and more than often achieve a greater revenue than their competitors as a result of the Search Engine Recognition.

For these reasons alone, it is of high importance to make sure your existing website or your new website is as search engine friendly as possible. To help you along the way we have included a few things to consider when designing a Search Engine Friendly website.

The Pages

Making search engine friendly pages is the first important task to do. Remember, search engine bot is a machine and can only understand its mechanical language. So talk to machine, in the machine way. By this I mean you should take care about the coding of your page, and make sure to mention the title tag, description tag and keyword tag. This is what the search engine bot is more keen about.

The Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your website is another important task. Remember, getting 1st SERP for a keyword no one is looking for is pointless. Getting page 1 to 5 for a highly searched keyword is more important. So just look out for keywords, having more search volume and lesser advertiser’s competition.

The Content

Content is the king. Search engines look for your mentioned keywords in your site’s content.

Page Title

The most important feature for SERPS in my opinion. Make sure to use your primary keywords in the page title, because this shows your site’s relevance to content and keywords.

Page Description

Again another important area. Page description is found under the META TAG and is shown to users in search results. Make sure to draft it the best way, keeping in mind your site’s actual content and keywords.

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