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A Website is not a single entity. The moment you begin to view your website as singular, is the moment you lose sight of how to optimise and improve its search engine friendliness.

A website is a collection of pages containing information. Each page in a website is unique, it has a unique URL and a unique identity. In order to effectively optimise your website you should treat each page as an individual.

Why optimise each page?

Visitors more than often find your website through a search engine but they don’t always end up on your homepage. The results displayed by search engines are relevant to the words that are typed into the search box. Therefore, any pages on your website that are relevant to the words entered will be displayed.
By optimising each individual page both the search engine crawlers and your visitors are better able to understand what the page is about. This opens up the opportunity of being able to send a visitor directly to the product page or service that is of interest to them simple by using titles and descriptions that are relevant to the searched term.

Backlinks and Interlinking

A page with a relevant title and a good description isn’t quite enough. What we need now are some links. Backlinks are what everyone wants and what everyone talks about – with good reason. Relevant High PR sites passing page rank onto your pages is of obvious advantage. But, You shouldn’t overlook the importance of interlinking. Linking words and phrases in a page to relevant pages on your site helps your visitors to discover more of your products and services. The objective here is that if a customer doesn’t purchase from the page they enter the website through, you then need to provide them with alternative solutions so that they stay on your website.
The utilisation of back-links and interlink in your pages benefits the Search Engines, your visitors and ultimately your Search Engine Ranking Position.


In order to help you gain momentum in achieving higher search engine rankings. You should look to optimise every page on your website. If you have an extremely large website then this will take a lot of time and hard work so you should concentrate on your most visited pages first. Good page linking,well written titles and page descriptions will help towards achieving the best possible Search Engine Ranking for your website.

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