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Choosing a Midlands based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company

If you’re looking for an SEO company to perform ethical, effective Search Engine Optimisation Services for your website, then don’t be afraid to ask questions.
There are many SEO | Search Engine Optimisation companies who make outrageous claims with unsubstantiated results.

Here are some of the questions we believe you should ask before hiring a SEO company:

  • Do they have long-term satisfied clients?
  • Do they have detailed case studies to show you with verifiable results of search engine positions they’ve achieved for clients?
  • Will they perform an analysis of your competition’s websites to understand why the other sites rank highly?
  • What will the SEO company base their keyword recommendations on? Keyword research is a necessity to determine relevant, targeted keywords in order for a SEO campaign to succeed
  • Does the SEO firm understand what it takes to create a sales conversion?
  • Does the SEO company adhere to search engine’s posted best practices and a strict no-spam policy to avoid your website being penalised, possibly indefinitely, by search engines?
  • What methods will the SEO company use to increase traffic? Will they make changes to your existing web page coding or will they just be adding or revising meta tags? Will they be performing search engine optimisation copywriting and editing to add relevant keywords to your visible page text? Will they be adding new pages, or possibly redesigning your navigation to make it more search engine friendly?
  • How many pages will they be optimising on your website?
  • If the SEO company is offering high ranking guarantees – how is that possible when no-one can control or influence the search Engines? Google’s own published guidelines states: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEO’s that claim to guarantee rankings, or that claim a “special relationship” with Google, or that claim to have a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google.”

Please contact us for our answers to any of these questions and to find out how we can provide you with an ethical long-term SEO solution.

Are you looking for SEO Midlands?

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