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As the Search Engine responsible for over 75% of all searches, many people view Google indexation as essential for their online business to survive. The SEO team at Google are used to answering questions about the search engines ranking algorithm and how to optimise websites for Search, but what about Google itself – How SEO Friendly are Google’s Products?

Is Google SEO Friendly?

The Google team decided to take a look at the homepage’s of 100 products and score them on a number of criteria including Heading tags and Description meta tags. The results really are quite interesting and show Google’s proactive approach towards a richer search experience for its customers.

Thinking About It?

The question now is will they take it a step further? For a long time I have often wondered where Google product websites would rank if they weren’t part of Google and didn’t benefit from its self assessed high Page ranking. There are many low scores in the report and this seems to indicate that many of the product websites probably wouldn’t make the first page on Google for their specific search terms, If they were external to the search engines catalogue.

And Finally….

In reality, I do not think that Google will ever entertain the idea of ranking its own sites in the same way as it ranks external sites. As a business you always rank your products ahead of the competition whether they are bigger or smaller than you.

You can download the Google SEO Report Card here.

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