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As a blogger your main goal is to have as many people as possible reading your blog. This is the reason that you created it in the first place. There are ways to make it easy to find your blog while still keeping it readable. You do not need to stuff each paragraph with keyword phrases that make your content difficult to read. It is possible to Rank well for SEO and have a well-written blog.

When writing a blog post with SEO in mind you should consider the following points:

Your Audience

These people are your readers. You should always write a post with your readers in mind. They do not want to have to struggle to read an post because it is stuffed with keywords and sentences that do not make sense. They also do not want to be met with advert upon advert whilst trying to read something of interest to them. Simple easy to read content with relevant links is appealing to most people. Firstly, consider writing your article with no links at all.

Relevant linking

Now you have a post written for humans to read and gain value from. We now need to consider what value the Search Engines can gain from the post when they visit your blog to index the page. Search engines love links whether they are to similar posts that you have written or to external websites that talk about the same subjects as you. It is important to keep the external links in your post relevant. A blog that talks about New Technology and Social Media should not be linked to sites involving Glassware or DIY. As the author, you have control over the relevant websites or posts your content links to.

Relevant content

Get into the habit of using services such as Google blog search to help you to find other bloggers who are talking about the same subject as you. Once you made a list of them, find relevant phrases in your post and link them to internal posts that you have created or the external blogs relevant to the article in question. Always remember your readers and don’t over do it. Too much linking in one post is viewed as spam.
The blogs that you reference in your post will see that you have linked to them and they will visit your website. Some of them may even be kind enough to link back to you.

Social Bookmarking

The power of Social bookmarking is never to be underestimated. You have written a post with links to relevant resources.
If You want people to read what you write. Share it. The more social bookmarking websites you share your articles on the easier it is for people to find what you write. Thus, the more people that find your writing the greater the number of people that visit your blog. People that enjoy your writing tend to subscribe to RSS updates and also share your work with others. Having lots of readers that share your writing, greatly increases your Search engine ranking.

So remember: Writing and linking for your readers brings greater SEO success.

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