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In our previous article The Importance Of Page Speed we looked at your websites performance through Google Webmaster tools and how it compared to other websites on the internet.

Most of you saw how low your websites performance was against others and you now need to take action to make your website faster.

Lets look at 3 things that can improve the performance of your website.

1. Minimise the use of JavaScript. Lots of instances of different scripts cause the browser to make many requests which slows the loading time of the page down. If the scripts are necessary then try and combine them all into one JavaScript file

2. Graphics. Try to minimise the use of large graphics across the page and where possible use text for headings rather than the graphical equivalent. Avoid using BMP and JPEG images where possible and opt for optimised PNG, TIFF and GIF images as these are much smaller in size and if optimised correctly your visitors won’t notice any difference.

3. The CSS. Utilising multiple CSS files slows down your web page. Where possible you should try and combine the CSS into one file and remove any unused or redundant Code to further reduce the file size.

By following the advice in this article you will notice a difference in how quickly your website loads. A quicker website always leads to happier visitors.

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