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Did you know that designing and developing a website can cost you up to £20,000 depending on what features you want to include? If that sounds like too much money to you, you’re not alone. Many companies can’t afford to, or don’t want to, spend that much money on creating a website. People also don’t want their lack of funds for expensive website design services to hinder the look of their website. So what options are out there for creating a professional looking website, without breaking the bank?

Your Options

There are many options for creating high quality websites without spending a lot of money. For a creative design agency to produce your website, which includes any marketing direction, messaging, design, coding and a CMS built from scratch, this could cost you anywhere from £5,000 to £20,000. That’s a lot of money! Not everyone can afford this, and that is why many people are looking for alternative web design services. These services are often local to the business or individual and are provided at much more cost effective prices.

The Cost

When paying a creative design agency to develop your site, costs often vary and it is always a worry as to what the final bill will be.
It is reassuring to customers to know that local web design services are often provided on a fixed price quote basis. So what you are quoted is always what you will pay.

The Time Frame

The work undertaken by a creative agency is often so broad and all encompassing that it often takes quite a long time for your website to be completed. In the case of developing a CMS from scratch, this can take many months.
It is reassuring to know that local web design companies are focused on getting the job done. They often use extremely good resources that are readily available speeding up the build time.

The Working Relationship

With the creative agency you often find that your work is split across different teams who rely upon each other to complete the relevant phase of the web design build.
With a local web design company – Your point of contact is the same person that is responsible for every element of your website. You develop a relationship with this individual and find it far easier to get hold of them whenever you have a requirement than you do with a large creative agency.

The Cost …… Again!

Did we mention the cost! A Creative agency has many staff salaries to pay and often outsources work to specialists which increases the overall cost for the project.
A local web design company provides you with a fixed price quote. They have fewer staff to pay and because they provide a fixed price, they have an incentive to stay within budget.

Whatever your needs and whatever your budget. A local website design company should be a serious option for you to consider. The work produced by these companies is extremely professional and many of the people running these companies used to work for Creative agencies.

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