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Another fantastic project. This is one of the quickest website we have ever put together for a client. A distinct vision which we bought into from the off and translated into a clean, beautiful and very effective website.

The Company

Martello Lakes is a large development in Hythe based around a 15.5 hectare lake. it is owned by the Nickolls family and is being developed by Camland Developments. The scheme will consist of 23 hectares of residential housing and incorporate shops, restaurants and a local community centre.

The Brief

Camland developments commissioned us to create a website using information from the promotional brochure. The website should be appealing and informative and encourage potential customers to make contact.

The logo

Martello Lakes didn’t have a web identity when we took on this project. it was merely a concept. Utilising ideas from the brochure we came up with the Martello Lakes logo. the log uses the lake as a focal point as it is a major feature in the development. The long grass and green area are used to signify growth (the grass grows around the lake) and to signify a clean and tranquil environment to live and work in.

The Website

The website is clean and simple. Each page is split up in smaller bite sized pages using the left hand navigational menu. This allows the website to be informative without overloading the visitor with information. We’ve also made sure that every page is complete with a contact form which makes it easy and encourages website visitors to make contact. The light green colour matches the branding of Camland Developments and gives the website a clean, countryside feel.


A simple website. Clean, informative, effective and a pleasure to produce. Its also extremely seo friendly ranking in position 1 on google for “martello lakes”.

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