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Web Design work for Variance Capital
We have been quite busy recently which is part of the reason that I haven’t updated the blog as often this month. So I thought I would update you on a few of the things we have been getting up to.

Variance Capital

We recently undertook a small project for Variance Capital Management.

Who are they

Variance Capital Management is a capital introductory firm for single manager hedge fund strategies. Variance Capital will only represent well capitalized fund managers whose capacity to generate alpha is tested over time.
The firm was founded in early 2004 by Martin Frenette to meet the growing demands of the institutional market place and their need to better understand and follow the development of the hedge fund industry. It brings strong international ties in Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France.

What did they require and Why

Variance Capital use their blog as a business information portal. They provide international Hedge Fund Services and use the blog to update interested parties on their business activities. The blog was 4 years old and was looking a bit worse for wear. They required the following work to be carried out:
1.error messages in footer removed
2.Add a photo and Tag cloud with keywords that grow as people click on them
3.Add rss feed capability

What We did

The blog was hosted on a very old version of WordPress. It contained no support/options for Widgets, Plugins and Permalinks. At this point, I realised that a fresh install of the most recent version of wordpress was probably the best solution. However, there we some 200 posts and multiple comments that would need to be retained as well as all over the navigation bar page content. This was not going to be as easy as I had hoped it would be!

The Backup

The first thing to do was to back-up the entire Mysql database. I couldn’t install the WP-DB plugin (that would of been too simple) or any plugin at all, whilst we are on the subject. So I had to manually export the database as an SQL file from within Phpmyadmin. Rather than export the whole database as one big file and risking it being too big and wordpress not playing nicely with it. I decided to create an SQL file for each table. Before removing the entire database.

The Upgrade
This went incredibly well using the Famous 5 Minute WordPress install. We now had a full functional WordPress site. But we needed to populate the site with the pages, posts and comments from the old website. This was done by importing the data from the relevant SQL files into the new database. Because I had made each table an individual SQL file the files need were of a relatively small size and the import was completed in minutes. WOW – A full upgraded WordPress website with all the information from the old installation.

The Theme

The final task involved adding a theme and modifying it to include the photograph on the right hand side. I’m not a great believer in re-inventing the wheel. If you can find something that does close to what you want it to then why not just modify and improve it rather than creating the same thing again from scratch. after all, You don’t rebuild your whole house every time you decorate!

The RSS feed

There’s not really much to say here. We upgraded the dated version of WordPress to the Newest Version which comes packaged with built in RSS and Atom feeds. All that was necessary here was to use the relevant icons and create a link to the RSS feed address.


This project was about keeping everything simple and functional and providing the Variance Capital customers with a positive view of the business and direct access to the information.
If you are looking for a similar solution, our extensive experience with WordPress and setting up blogs could help you get your business off the ground. So why not contact us and tell us about your project?

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