Web Design: Building Business Through Your Website

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Is your website pretty or ugly? Is it cutting edge or old school? Do you have a custom design or are you using a template? Does it really matter! The only question that really matters when it comes to business websites is “Does it sell? Does it generate leads and clients? Does it make you money?”

Certainly, some business websites need a certain type of web design due to the nature of their business. A photographers website better look good! And, if you are marketing innovation in some field, then a little innovation on your site might support the sales process. But ultimately, these issues are secondary to the sales generated or supported by your website. Regardless of the nature of your business, there are a few web design principles that ought to show up on your site. In most cases, these principles can be incorporated into any web design.

Is the message of your site, each page of your site, crystal clear? If someone wants to contact you, is it easy to find your contact info? If you’re selling online, does the design make it easy for visitors to go through the purchase process? And, is it obvious how you get from one part of the site to the next?

Potential Client Capture:
Does your website effectively capture the visitors contact info, at least first name and email, so that you can follow up with them (and sell to them!) in the future? This is a common shortcoming of many business websites and should be viewed as a missed opportunity.

The reason this is so important is because a very low percentage of first time website visitors buy anything. If you can entice them to offer their contact info in exchange for something of value- a discount coupon or some relevant information- then you can build a relationship with them and market to them over and over again.

Web and Traffic Analytics:
The benefits of web analysis services are massive.
For starters you can see where your site visitors are coming from and how they are getting to your site. This will give you ideas for tweaking your site. You will also see how long people stay on your site and how many pages they visit. If they leave too soon or only visit one page, that’s a more than a hint that your content is weak and not compelling enough to get them to stick around.

Customer Engagement:
Too many business websites are about the business itself; a selling website is about the client and what you can do for them. Too many business websites miss the point when writing their product descriptions, They often engage their customers with masses of pointless information, when all the client really wants to know is “Will this make me look good?” or “Will this make me feel more content?” or “Can this make me some money?”

Good Customer Engagement involves the constant gathering of data, perhaps even through surveys, to discover what your customers really want. Then you explain how your product or service gives it to them. Maybe you even develop new products or services that meet their needs further. A good business often solves a problem identified as a need by it’s customers.

And Finally:
Many of these factors described lean toward the content side of the website. By applying simplicity through web design and understanding the needs of your clients you are better able to engage with them and provide solutions that serve their needs. This is the primary purpose of a business website.

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