Website Management

Web Hosting

For £100 per annum. We can host your website making it available for viewing by millions of internet users everyday.

We have partnered with a leading web hosting company and provide the following services to our customers:

Disk Space: Unlimited
24/7 Support: Included
Hosted Domains : Unlimited
Email Accounts: Unlimited
Bandwidth Allowance: Unlimited
FREE Google Ad Credits: £30
Free Domains For 1 year: 1
SQL Databases: Unlimited


Content Management (CMS)

Many people often find it difficult to find the time to keep their website up to date or they don’t update the website correctly or frequently enough.

Keeping your website up to date is essential. A regular update to your website keeps customers old and new returning by providing them with new and interesting information. It creates an interest in the work you do and can lead to increased work and revenue.

Starting at £49.99 per month, MJR Web Design can keep your website updated. Once per day, We will add anything you want to your website, from news stories to pictures to recent work you have done. Send us your content and get on with doing what you enjoy.


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